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Free Estimates

We never charge a service call fee to provide you with an estimate. In some cases we can provide you with a quote right over the phone. If for some reason we can not we will be happy to schedule a free in home consultation and quote.

Feel free to call for a quote over the phone for all tank water heater replacements. The information we need is as follows:

  1. Capacity of the water heater in gallons. (Found on the rating plate on the front of your heater)
  2. Location of the water heater. Typically the attic in our area, but not always.
  3. Height of the existing water heater.
  4. Age of the home. (This helps us determine if there might be modern updates that need to be made to the system such as double wall vent, a pan, or a temperature and pressure relief drain.)
  5. Number of water heaters.
  6. Type of material the water lines consist of. (cpvc, copper, pex, galvanized)
  7. Call us at (713) 468-9283 and ask for a free water heater quote.